Cover designs for books that don’t exist (but should) io9Weekend Roundup
As part of his Masters of Branding study at the School of Visual Arts, Tyler Adam Smith is creating 100 covers for books that should be written, from goofy snarks at popular authors to imagined sequels to beloved books.
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As Competition Wanes, Amazon Cuts Back Discounts (NYT)
Jim Hollock’s first book, a true-crime tale set in Pennsylvania, got strong reviews and decent sales when it appeared in 2011. Now “Born to Lose” is losing momentum — yet Amazon, to the writer’s intense frustration, has increased the price by nearly a third.
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Reading, writing may help preserve memory in older age (CBS News)
A study published on July 3 in Neurology revealed that reading, writing and doing other mentally-stimulating activities at every age helped stave off memory problems.
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Spot On — How to write the perfect post [Infographic] (Social Media Today)
It’s something we keep being asked seminar after seminar: What is the perfect status update looking like on Google+, Facebook or Twitter? Well, the answer is there is no secret sauce. Or maybe there is?

Weekend Roundup

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Kindle Daily Deals: “Who Goes There” by John Wood Campbell (and 3 others)


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