Congratulations!!!!  From the Wattpad blog:

Five years ago today, Wattpad was founded in a garage with a vision to change the way we share stories. In 2006 there were no Kindles or iPhones and stories were told in books. When we launched our first mobile app, we wanted to create the world’s best place for every reader and writer to share and discover stories.

Today, Wattpad’s dynamic community has become much greater than we ever could have imagined. What was started as a way to read has become a global society of highly engaged readers, who interact from all over the world using Wattpad apps and online. We’re revolutionizing storytelling together and leading the way towards a new form of entertainment.

In 2011, Wattpad accomplished some amazing milestones:

Today, we’re seeing:

  • 1.3 Million registered users
  • Over 7 Million unique visitors per month
  • 2 Million stories, 250,000 new stories every month
  • Users spend an average of an hour a day on Wattpad

From gritty thrillers and mysteries to imaginary places filled with fantasy and magic, millions of readers and writers have taken Wattpad’s vision and are inspiring and enriching lives through stories. We invite you to join us in writing the next chapters of the Wattpad Story.

The Wattpad Team


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