Screen shot 2010-07-26 at 11.39.53 AM.pngFrom the Wattpad press release I just received. Bubok is the leading self-publishing service for authors writing in Spanish:

Now, Bubok authors may connect their work with Wattpad’s readership and increase their audience by using Wattpad’s unique social networking platform.

“Bubok aims to fulfill the dream of publishing for many authors, but also help their work reach the widest possible audience. Giving writers the chance to make their literature available on Wattpad allows authors the opportunity to reach thousands of new users that may be interested in reading and buying their books,” explains Ángel María Herrera, CEO of Bubok. 

Wattpad accounts can be directly linked to Bubok’s print-on-demand services, creating a wattpad_logo_small.jpgstraightforward way for readers to support their favorite authors. Wattpad’s agreement with Bubok encourages writers of both communities to interact and increase awareness of their work. The popularity of Wattpad apps for mobile devices, including apps for Android devices, will create additional value for Bubok writers interested in making their writing available to read and purchase on multiple platforms.

“Wattpad currently sees approximately fifty percent of its traffic from non-English speaking countries,” explains Wattpad CEO and co-founder Allen Lau. “In conjunction with the international launch of Wattpad’s new Android app, our partnership with Bubok creates additional opportunities for Spanish language authors to connect with millions of readers.”


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