CybookAlong with the Palm TX, the Cybook is my favorite affordable device for e-reading. “Affordable” certainly is the word. You can now snap up a used Cybook for perhaps $250 on eBay and maybe $200 if you’re lucky. In fact, an eBay auction has just begin with a starting price of $50. The Cybook group on Yahoo is another place to look.

E Ink offers better resolution than the Cybook, but not the same contrast, and Mobipocket comes bundled in with the Cybook. The machine can read a variety of formats, albeit not eReader or Microsoft Reader, alas. Realistically, don’t expect the same software updates you would for a new machine. But the Cybook is great for public domain books in HTML and other nonproprietary formats. I normally use Gowerpoint’s uBook, which smooths out the jags in the fonts and lets me adjust the line spacing just so.

Bookeen, maker of the Cybook, is shifting to e-paper machines.

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