Here’s a quick update on a story I did in April about the Indianapolis Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library raising funds to move to new facilities. The Vonnegut Library has launched a Kickstarter to raise $99,999 of the $775,000 it needs to move to the new location.

Rewards at various pledge levels include thanks and a link from the Vonnegut Library’s website, digital stickers, a year-long “Friend of the Library” membership, original artwork, and so forth. The Kickstarter has raised $22,248 of its goal so far, from 326 backers, and has 27 days to run. It seems likely to have a good shot at succeeding.

If you’re wanting to read Kurt Vonnegut’s e-books, Hoopla Digital has many of them available for free checkout to cardholders of participating libraries, as well as a number of audiobooks and even two movies based on Vonnegut stories.

And so it goes…


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