Veronica MarsThis is the kind of media circle of life I like to see: GalleyCat is reporting that Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas plans to release some Veronica Mars novels as a follow-up to the upcoming Kickstarter-funded movie.

From the article:

“The books will contain completely new stories, and will be stand-alone novels that will appeal to fans of the show, as well as general mystery readers. The plot of the first book in the series will begin where events of the upcoming “Veronica Mars” film end, and will feature an adult Veronica Mars.”

I remember reading interviews with Rob Thomas during the run of the television show where he stated that his first treatments of the idea (teen helps detective dad solve crimes) were an aborted novel he struggled with early in his career. Then he switched gears and gave it life as a television show. That got cancelled (unjustly) but fan love brought it back as the upcoming movie. And now, it’s coming full circle as novels once again.

I love it! I’ll definitely be checking out the books.

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