Sm voiceover ibis add to home

From the Threepress Consulting blog:

Liza and I have long been interested in making ebooks more accessibile. Both Bookworm and Ibis Reader reflect that goal (with limited success—accessibility can almost always be improved). However, our focus has always been on improving the web version of Ibis Reader rather than the installable HTML5 App that many people use on their iPhones, iPads, and (increasingly) Android devices. Some of our users wanted to try out the installable App, which has the benefit of working offline, using Apple’s VoiceOver on their iOS device. Happily, a recent performance update (switching to columns-based layout) means that Ibis Reader is much more usable in VoiceOver, so I wanted to document how to use the two systems together.

Note: Many users may still prefer ebook applications that offer a more straightforward interface to VoiceOver than what I’ve described—I’m just happy we have a starting point from which to improve.

As a sighted user, I’d love to get feedback on how to make these instructions clearer and how we can improve the accessibility of Ibis Reader.


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