The English Bookshop in Uppsala, in business for 20 years now in Sweden’s historic northeastern city, held a special commemorative lecture and reading on March 18th, to mark the death on March 15th, 1937 of H.P. Lovecraft. The talk, “H.P. Lovecraft & the Western European Witch-Cult,” was delivered by Jens Heimdahl, Swedish Lovecraft translator and enthusiast – complete with tea and cakes accompaniment.

“We are an exclusively English language bookshop with a direct import of UK and US titles every week,” explains the bookshop. “The Uppsala English Bookshop is not a book realtor service created for the internet, but a real bookshop with a real stock and real employees with a great deal of book experience. We who work here have never outgrown the voracious reading of our youth and our customers are all passionate readers too. The internet shop is an expansion of our existing shop.”

The Uppsala English Bookshop looks like everything a successful niche independent bookshop should be, and great fun into the bargain. And the photos of the H.P. Lovecraft event on their Facebook page show a pretty packed venue with a young audience, backdropped by groaning shelves of just the kind to house eldritch Lovecraftian tomes. Bookshops in Anglo-Saxon markets would do well to follow their example. Good luck to them all in future.


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