From the Kobo blog:

The latest updates for the Kobo eReader Touch (v1.9.11) and Kobo Desktop (v2.1.2) are ready to download!

Update your Kobo eReader Touch for these exciting new features:

Search within a book! You’ve asked for it and we listened — now you can search for terms inside of ePUB books.



Share your reads on Facebook! Let your friends and family know what you are reading via your Facebook profile updates.


New low battery icon! New low battery icon alerts let you know when you reach 10% and 5% of your battery life. The battery icon will remain visible until your eReader recharges to over 10%.


Know your book progress! Now you can easily find out how far you have read in your book. Simply access your Kobo Touch library and the percentage read will be displayed under your book title.

Along with these new Kobo eReader Touch updates, we also have new features for Kobo Desktop:

Search with in a book! Now you can also search for terms inside of Kobo books on Kobo Desktop.

Faster syncing time! No more waiting — Kobo Desktop now syncs 50% faster on Windows.

Update your Kobo eReader Touch firmware today! >>


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