Road work signHi, there. TeleRead had database problems last night. We’ve now reverted to a three-day-old backup. That means (for the time being) that articles and comments from the last three days will have disappeared.

However, I still have a copy of the old corrupt database, and feel pretty sure I can recover all the articles written between then and now. However, I’m acting under the assumption that I will not be able to recover reader comments from the last three days. The comments table in particular was the main table that was corrupted. Sorry!

TeleRead will be undergoing an upgrade very soon! Hopefully this upgrade will prevent database problems like this from recurring.

Moderator’s note:Thanks to the miracles of RSS feeds and the Google Reader, we’ll almost surely be able to restore all comments, too, within the next week or so. We take comment-preservation very seriously. – David Rothman


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