fa1a4ff9-0a6b-43e7-acf6-bdd923af9b48Here’s some interesting synchronicity: at about the same time as a Twitter-based long-article aggregation service gains a website, a website-based such service jumps to Twitter.

Longreads started out as a Twitter feed for articles between 1,500 and 30,000 words long. It now has its own website, Longreads.com, which serves as an aggregator, archive, and search tool for the service. The man behind the project, Mark Armstrong, said he wants it to serve as a “Techmeme for long stories”.

I learned about this move in an article on TechCrunch by M.G. Siegler in which he said he uses Instapaper (a tool that scoops on-line articles and reformats them for mobile device screens) but often has a hard time finding longer articles to read.

This is a bit weird given that the other service, which started out web-based but is now going Twitter, is “Give Me Something to Read”, which was already incorporated as part and parcel of Instapaper and indeed takes up most of the page space on Instapaper.com.

“Give Me Something to Read” is a service that picks the most-often-scooped articles and scoops them automatically for Instapaper reading of opportunity. And it happens that a news posting on the site right now notes that this service’s picks are now going to be tweeted themselves.

And naturally, either one of these Twitter feeds will work great with Flipboard.


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