Sony Reader“…TigerDirect confirmed my order of 3 units Sony PRS500 on July, 4th. They received my money two weeks ago. Later on they changed the price demanded from $99.99 to $249.99. I sent them more than 15 emails. I spoke a dozen times to their agents. Today they cancelled my order.” – MobileRead reader in Germany. Discussion here.

The TeleRead take: If the facts are as stated and the man was ordering for himself and friends, than TigerD owes Clemenseken a major apology—and the three units at $99. If he was just out to turn a profit, I won’t be so sympathetic, but still: a promise is a promise. Normally I’ve had good luck with TigerDirect, where I’ve shopped on and off for years.

Related: Sony Reader sold out at after $99.99 price earlier.

Also of consumer interest—from the world of p-books: Harry Potter and the Phanton Delivery, from Of course, between the Tower of eBabel and Draconian DRM, the e-world has more than its own share of consumer woes.


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