Throw in the Vowel Kindle game screenshot

I love word games and this one by John Cog is certainly different from what’s currently out there.  From the Amazon description:

Create words by combining the correct sets of letters from two columns. Just select a word’s vowels and their matching consonants, and then watch as the completed word appears onscreen. You don’t need to rearrange any letters, since the letters from each column occur in the same order as in the completed word. (You’d match RPTN with EUIO to form ERUPTION.) The easy-to-play, matching-game format means no text entry is required. And the excitement increases as the game progresses and a tower of words grows higher.

According to John’s blog:

We’ve searched for exotic patterns of vowels — like four O’s in a row, or three U’s — and provided the consonants which will turn them all into words. (But where that match won’t immediately be obvious!) There’s always 10 choices, but can you find the right match among the nine other clue boxes? (Can you “Throw in the Vowel?”) It offers the thrill of creating meaning itself — turning arbitrary patterns into words. In one puzzle, the “clue box” even has five S’s! …

…  each set required nearly 30 million automated checks against a dictionary, to make sure it was perfectly unique — that there was always only one correct match for every set of letters in each one of our puzzles.

I’ts $1.99 for e-ink Kindles and you can find it here.


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