Herley stone arrow

This is from contributor Richard Herley’s blog.  I’ve tead the book and can recommend it highly:

This was my first published novel; it won the prestigious Winifred Holtby Memorial Prize, administered by the Royal Society of Literature in London. Download a copy in the format of your choice from any of the bookstores listed in the panel on the right. For more information about The Stone Arrow, including improbably enthusiastic (but entirely authentic) contemporary press reviews, please go here.

(Via Richard Herley‘s blog)


  1. And thank you to Richard. I might give this a go when I finish my current read. It looks amazingly original.

    An author like this should, however, always have a ‘donate’ button on his page. If I like the book I would not feel comfortable having enjoyed it for free and would prefer to be able to go and donate an amount ?

  2. I couldn’t find a way to download this ebook from the linked blog, but I did find it for $0.00 on Amazon. Was that the intention? (In any case, I grabbed it. Thanks for the opportunity. 🙂 )

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