Longest Word in the English LanguageYes, this is a few months old, but nevertheless, a kindly tip o’ the hat goes out to GadgeTell editor Matthew Marchesano, who just alerted me to the bizarre YouTube video we’ve embedded for you below. The video features Dmitry Golubovskiy (the CEO of Esquire Russia, interestingly enough) reciting the chemical name of Titin.

Apparently, it’s either the longest word in the English language or the longest world in any language; it’s made up of a mind-bending 189,819 letters and takes 213 minutes to pronounce.

As some YouTube commenters have pointed out, Golubovskiy begins the 3.5-hour-long video with a respectably clean-shaven look; by the video’s end, however, he’s actually sporting a five o’clock shadow. Damn! That’s what I call persistence!

Check it out:


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