tactical“Is that an iPad 2 in your pants, or are you just…oh, that is an iPad 2 in your pants!”

Gizmodo has a post looking at an article on a tactical pants blog comparing how well several different styles could carry an iPad 2. To be fair, none of the pants seems to be designed specifically with an iPad 2 in mind, but the idea of sticking a full-sized tablet in your pants seems to me to offer endless possibilities for hilarity. How do you even sit down without risking a cracked screen?

Though tactical pants and cargo pockets do offer some good possibilities for toting along a smaller e-reader, like a Kindle, Nook, or Kobo, trying it with something this large just seems…silly.


  1. As someone who used to only buy shorts with pockets big enough to hold a tennis ball or two because she had a Golden Retriever, I’m not sure how silly it is to buy pants with a pocket big enough to hold an iPad. I do question whether pants will actually stay up with that much weight in a pocket.

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