pick of the week.jpgEvery Friday I’ll post a listing of my favorite articles for the preceding week. Purely a subjective judgement.

My iPad hands-on: Stellar for nonDRMed indie and public domain e-books, not just locked bestsellers by David Rothman

iPad: The First Six Hours by Joe Wikert

Will Apple’s iBookstore be Publishing’s Waterloo? by Rich Adin

BookofJoe reviews the iPad

746 free science fiction books for the iPhone

P-books to e-books: The ethics of downloading and the legality of scanning

New digital library about the 1918 influenza pandemic funded

Your Kobo questions answered by Joanna

Joanna interviews Kobo CEO Michael Serbinis

Parent vs Reader, Round 2: Dad vs Kobo by Joanna

Amazon Kindle Review gets it right – Amazon indirectly solving the format problem


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