A while ago I mentioned the tempered glass screen protectors I got for my Nexus 6. Well, I recently had cause to discover just how well they worked. I happened to drop my phone in the parking lot of a restaurant and broke…the screen protector. It was a rather scary-looking crack, in fact, as you can see from the picture at left.

Happily, when I got the phone home and was able to peel the protector off, I found that the screen itself was entirely unharmed. (The protector cracked in a few additional places as I peeled it off.)

GEDC0060I did discover, to my annoyance, that the fundamental problem of applying a screen protector hasn’t changed. When I applied the second tempered-glass protector in my apartment, even after taking appropriate precautions, I ended up trapping a couple of dust specks under it and ending up with bubbles I couldn’t get rid of. I ordered another pack of protectors (Amazon affiliate link), and this time took them to the local public library—a much more dust-free environment. Happily, applying the replacement protector worked properly there.

Now, I can’t be sure that a drop that was bad enough to crack the screen protector would have been bad enough to crack the screen itself if I hadn’t had it on there, or if I’d been using a traditional vinyl protector. But it might at least have scratched the screen. Suffice it to say, tempered-glass screen protectors are a good idea.



  1. My experience after going through 2 tempered glass screen protectors is that they do protect the phone, but are very prone to shattering regardless of the drop. I went back to the next level down (Zagg HDX) and have had much better luck. Screen protection & a screen protector that doesn’t shatter with minimal impact.

  2. You don’t have to go to a library! Just go to the bathroom, take a shower, and let the watervapor catch the dustparticles. When you are done showering, apply the protector in the bathroom! Works great everytime.

    • Huh, that’s an interesting idea. But there’s not really any good place to work in my bathroom. I don’t have a counter or anything. Besides, my cat likes to sleep in the bathroom sink, so it may actually be even worse for particulate matter in the air.

      And my shower doesn’t work that well, so I take baths these days. 🙂

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