The majority of you out there who follow this site on a regular basis have long been aware of the fact that TeleRead’s once mighty Twitter account has sat sadly dormant for quite some time now. Sleeping, as it were.

But thanks in no small part to the crackerjack social media team that toils late into the night inside a top-secret, restricted access bunker—which just so happens to be located three stories beneath the basement of NAPCO’s World Headquarters building in North Philadelphia—we’re back online once again.

We’d be pleased and honored if you’d consider following our account, @teleread, where you’ll find links to our stories, retweets from some of the best ebook accounts around … and maybe even the occasional contest and prize-giveaway.

Naturally, you’re still welcome to follow senior writer Joanna Cabot (@ficbot) and myself (@YoungPioneers); we both plan to continue tweeting about issues related to ebooks, libraries, publishing … and whatever else happens to be on our minds from day to day. See you on teh interwebs, friends.



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