Read this post and the accompanying comments and speak your mind. Please note that this poll looks ahead, since the E Ink machines now sold can offer only so much contrast.

Later this week: A poll on whether E Ink machines should have a special boldface mode to make the screens easier to read in dim light.


  1. Other – I actually had to go check what my current combination is because I do change it. Ahh. Just realised this is an e-ink poll and I use a PDA screen so it’s a bit different. I use light grey text on a black background which is still plenty bright enough for me to read at night. Pure black on pure white is just too bright for me with this type of display, even with the brightness control turned way down. With an e-ink display this obviously doesn’t apply so I effectively spoiled my ballot paper. Sorry!

    If e-ink is as similar to paper as I’ve heard I couldn’t imagine using anything but my typical paper book setting – pure black on a slightly yellowed background. Bonus points if they can make the e-ink smell musty.

  2. Contrast is good but I like the idea of an ‘off-white” screen as it seems kinder to eyes. If you compare paper shades in Pbooks they are usually not really white. Yes, I like the “book smell” part. Perhaps they can make little spray cans, like “new car smell”, and we could spray our e-ink devices every week or so!
    What I really want is an e-ink device with built in MP3 player so I can listen to Mozart or Bach while reading, surely one of the most relaxing ways of spending a lazy afternoon. (with built in fold-up hammock?)

  3. Carol: The Sony Reader and probably most of the others do have MP3 players. Now for prices to drop and for Sony to care about the Australian market for the Reader. As for contrast, I myself don’t see a need for off-white since pure white would be just like paper. Be interesting to see how we both feel once e-paper is indeed as white as the real thing. Thanks. David

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