As he mentioned earlier, our founder David Rothman is going into the hospital shortly to have a pacemaker fitted, and the doctors tell him he will probably be hospitalized until Tuesday or Wednesday. As such, don’t expect him to post much over the next few days. The rest of us will keep the site going without him until he gets back.

David thanks everyone who’s written in with advice about pacemakers, and promises to take it easy until he’s feeling better. “I’ll be careful,” he says. “I’ve heard one of the big DRM providers is out to hack me.” On the bright side, at least this hasn’t affected his sense of humor.

Get well soon, David! We’ll look forward to having you back again.


  1. @Chris and @Nate and @Michael: Thanks, all of you! I’ve got some first-rate nurses here at Inova Alexandria, and I have constantly let them know my appreciation of their work. Best of luck with your own medical challenges, Michael! Meanwhile I’m focused on getting well, as opposed to blogging. The site is in very capable hands with Chris, and I’m confident some terrific post will be on the way from others as well. As for the ETA of my escape from Inova, my present guess is Thursday or Friday. A good cyborg cares about hardware quality, and if need be, I’ll wait a little longer until they find the right permanent pacemaker. I’m aiming for one that’s MRI-tolerant. And if it can spit out out maintenance info in ePub, so much the better ;-).

  2. Thanks, Don. Of course, this technology is worn from the inside.

    Because of the holiday, everything is up in the air; but it looks as if the temporary pacemaker will most likely come out tomorrow and I’ll attain permanent cyberborgdom.


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