chrismeadows2When TeleRead Editor Chris Meadows reviewed the $50 Fire tablet, he noted that the tablet’s library does not index books on cards in the 128GB-capable SDXC slot.

An econo-Fire is on the way to me, so I appreciated Chris’s revelation (and all the more because I publish TeleRead). Maybe now that the bug is news, Amazon will fix the problem. At least let’s hope that it’s a bug and not a “feature” dreamed up by some cloud-fixated soul in Marketing.

Today Chris’s TeleRead review got Slashdotted—increasing the chances that other people would speak out to get Amazon to do the right thing.

(Update, 6:58 p.m.: Boing Boing, one of Chris’s favorite sites, has also picked up his revelation.)

Look, Amazon, if you want to brag about the SDXC slot, then let the Fire follow through to the max. Ideally Fire fans will nudge Jeff Bezos with friendly notes—they can write Maybe he’ll listen to Chris and the Slashdotters. For now, props to our gifted and diligent editor and to the Slashdotters who voted for the submission.

SlashdotBackground for our new visitors: TeleRead is for geeks who love books and booklovers who love gadgets. We date back to the 1990s (WordPress was not there from the start). We’re the Web’s oldest site devoted to general-interest news and views on e-books and related topics.

Chris’s consumerism is very much in our tradition; and he is personally very much part of that tradition, having first posted here in 2006.

At the same time, let it be known that both Chris and I are highly appreciative of the Fire’s positives and see the tablet as a good way to expand the audience for e-books.  It isn’t the perfect machine in a number of areas, including one dear to me, e-book standards (native ePub, anyone—and in more expensive Fires, too?). But, hey, for $50, what do you want?


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