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From the Nonprofit Quarterly:

TED, the 501(c)3 nonprofit behind the popular Technology, Entertainment and Design conferences, is expanding to the e-book market with TEDbooks. The digital publications are geared for people who are hungry for new ideas, but short on time. A traditional book has around 60,000 words; TEDbooks fills readers’ desire to absorb new ideas at less than 20,000, targeting a market for deep-thinking, time strapped consumers.

The TEDbook portfolio includes: “Homo Evolutis: Please Meet the Next Human Species,” by Juan Enriquez and Steve Gullans, “The Happiness Manifesto: How Nations and People Can Nurture Well-Being,” by Nic Marks, and “Beware Dangerism: Why We Worry About the Wrong Things, and What That Is Doing to our Kids,” by Grever Tulley. All three of these books are in the top 25 bestseller list for Amazon’s Kindle Singles category as of March 20. They can be purchased for $3.00 each through Amazon.


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