The Humble Indie Bundle started out selling video games, but branched out into e-books down the road. This makes it almost, but not quite, symmetrical that its competitor StoryBundle, who started with e-books all along, has now come out with a bundle of…e-books about video games.

The base price for this bundle is $3, which gets you six DRM-free multiformat e-books, mostly non-fiction:

You can choose to pay however much you like beyond that amount. If you pay at least $12, you get three more e-books:

The Final Hours of Portal 2 includes both the e-book and a download key for the interactive Steam version. (I previously reviewed the interactive iOS app version for TeleRead.)

If you wish, you can opt to donate 10% to one of the three charities Challenger Center for Space Science Education, Girls Write Now, or Mighty Writers, and can also use a slider to set how much of your donation goes to the authors and how much goes to StoryBundle itself. (The default split is 70/30.) I still say that they really ought to use a system of sliders more like Humble’s so you can opt to donate more than 10% to more than one charity, but it’s good they’re making the gesture anyway.


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