wfaward200Nominations for the 2015 World Fantasy Awards are approaching their close, as the end of the voting window draws near. As per the World Fantasy Convention 2015 website, “the World Fantasy Awards Ballot is being sent to all members of the 2013, 2014 and 2015 World Fantasy Conventions,” with voting to close by May 31st. Ballot forms are also available for download on the website. “All registered members of the 41st World Fantasy Convention in Saratoga Springs plus the members of the convention in Washington and in Brighton are eligible to vote before the deadline.”

Voters can nominate up to five entrants for each of the nine eligible WFA categories. The 2015 World Fantasy Awards judges are Gemma Files, Nina Kiriki Hoffman, Bénédicte Lombardo, Bruce McAllister, and Robert Shearman. The actual Awards will be presented during the the 41st World Fantasy Convention, running through November 5th-8th at Saratoga Springs, NY.

One item that is apparently not up for voting this year anyway is the replacement of the WFA trophy design – a bust of H.P. Lovcraft – by a different figure, on the grounds that Lovecraft, a convinced racist in private life, is no longer a sufficiently representative figure for the Awards. Apparently the movement in favor of a change has not gathered sufficient support, and that issue is at least not being reflected in this year’s voting. That said, with its fairly broad ballot, the WFA poll does look less open to gaming and manipulation by a cabal like the Sad Puppies than the Hugo Awards, and potentially more inclusive.


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