Screen shot 2010-10-08 at 8.50.45 AM.pngFrom the press release:

Red Ediciones, a leading digital publisher in Spain, has added a further dimension to its digital publishing business with the launch of their eBookstore with some 895 titles from their digital imprint Linkgua. Red Ediciones has partnered with Impelsys, a global leader in electronic content delivery solutions, to power their digital strategy using the successful iPublishCentral technology that is being used by many large publishers in the world.

In a bid to sell directly and to build direct relationships with their customers, Red Ediciones leveraged Impelsys’ technology solutions to successfully transition their print content online without a lengthy development cycle or the high start-up cost typically associated in setting up such infrastructure.

“Understanding reader behavior is getting more and more important in today’s market, and we realized that it is extremely critical to be in close contact with your customers. We were very pleased that iPublishCentral has tools that allow us to do that extremely effectively,” said Rado Molina, Red Ediciones.

“It was important that the portal solution supported Spanish Language as all of our books are in Spanish, and iPublishCentral not only offered language support but also gave us our own branding making it really our own property, which was quite excellent”, he added.

With this launch, readers can now easily purchase and rent ebooks at Red Ediciones’ new Spanish eBookstore They can also sample content through the ViewInside feature. The titles retain their traditional print book look and feel, while offering new electronic features such as search, book marking and user personalization.


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