sidewaystoc TechCrunch has a piece about an app-zine billing itself as “the first iPad-only magazine.” Sideways, $3.99 in the app store, is a magazine created for the iPad, about the iPad.

While the feature stories in the current issue don’t interest me enough to want to pay $4 for it, the magazine seems to be getting some good reviews, both by TechCrunch and on the app store page. Writes app reviewer “stephthepanda”:

Sideways has it right. Think about the capabilities of the iPad first, THEN focus on the content. These articles really pop because of all the multimedia stuff. I really think this company is going to change the way we think about magazines.

I suspect this is only the first iPad-original magazine, and there will be many more to follow. Who knows, we might even see a revival of the old “zine” amateur net publication form, but in multimedia this time.


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