ShoptextText messaging is one of the teen and young adults’ favorite past-times. My 15-year-old nephew sends more than 1,000 a month (mostly to his girlfriend). The New York Times featured ShopText, a company that offers up purchases via text message. Want the next Harry Potter book? Send ShopText a text msg.

Let it Grow, a new album by Tim McGraw, can be purchased by texting McGraw to 467467. Text ads for Lucky allow you to order jeans or perfume.

I actually see this being very popular, even with the older generation. It’s perfect for the mall-averse husband or boyfriend who doesn’t know quite what to buy. See it on a billboard, whip out the cell phone, and text in your order.

It also makes sense for books, e-books in particular. Those e-book publishing innovators like Harlequin, HarperCollins, and Simon & Schuster should consider offering their books up for purchase via text. Text the order and in return, you receive a near instantaneous fulfillment with the actually book being sent to your cellphone. With the upcoming iPhone and the burning need for teens to own one of these, this seems like a great opportunity to spread e-book goodness.


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