Dear Author has an excellent tutorial for those getting acquainted with Calibre.  Here’s a snippet from the beginning:

I am a huge fan of the free open source software written by Kovid called Calibre.  It is an organization, management, conversion tool for both print and digital books.  I’ve had several people email me asking what the best set up is for Calibre along with what plugins that they should download.  The following is what I recommend but I am sure that there are other great organizational minds out there.

1.  Plugins

There are three essential plugins for me and they are all metadata plugins.  (Read here on how to install a plugin)  The newest versions of Calibre allow the download and installation of plugins from directly within Calibre interface.  From the top menu bar, select Preferences and from the drop down menu Get plugins to enhance Calibre:

Preferences Get plugins calibre


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