senioripad Yesterday we posted a video about a 100-year-old lady getting an iPad. According to the AARP Bulletin, she’s not alone. The Bulletin went to a Virginia retirement community to see what residents there thought of the device. They had varying opinions.

Carolyn Nagler, 73, explored the virtual keyboard. “This would take some practice if you’re used to a regular keyboard,” she said.

Still, Nagler found the iPad easy to use. “And you can certainly get a lot of apps for it—I know that. And there’s more coming.” Would Nagler pay upward of $500 for an iPad now? “Not currently, just simply because there are other needs for the money right now,” she said. “But it’s a very nice little device.”

Like the Kindle before it, the iPad has a lot of potential for reading by seniors whose weaker eyesight would make increasing print size desirable. (Though there doesn’t seem to be any way to increase the tiny font size for the labels for the launcher icons, alas.)


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