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From the press release:

Santillana USA, the world’s leader in Spanish language publishing, announced a 78% increase in e-book sales for the November 2011-January 2012 period. This increase, which corresponds to the United Sates and Puerto Rico alone, has been the biggest recorded by the company since it started offering titles in a digital format. Record breaking sales of e-readers and tables for the last holiday season is credited with propelling e-book purchases.

Hispanic readers purchased titles in various categories, with literature, romance, and biographies being the most popular ones. This reflects a broad interest of a community in search of digital books in Spanish. In terms of titles, Santillana USA‘s most sought after e-books were La Reina del Sur by Arturo Perez-ReverteConquistadora by Esmeralda Santiago, and Stephanie Meyer‘s Amanecer (Breaking Dawn). The balance of the sales were distributed evenly among the 1,350 e-books belonging to publisher’s current catalog.

The company started offering digital titles in 2010, in a move to support new technologies and responding to new market dynamics. Its e-books are currently available on Nook, Kindle, and Apple’s iBookstore.

Santillana USA expects the increase in sales to be a positive trend to continue for the balance of the year. The company also plans to continue adding titles to its digital catalog through the imprints Alfaguara, Suma, Aguilar, Taurus, Alamah, Punto de lectura, and Alfaguara infantil y juvenil (Alfaguara children’s and young adults’).  Through this move, the Publisher looks to offer Hispanic readers in the United Sates a wide selection of authors and titles from across the globe.

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