6a00d8341c630a53ef01348690fc0f970c-800wi.jpgA while back I covered the introduction of the Samsung Galaxy S phones and said that they would make great ereaders.

Well, they are finally hitting the streets with all the carriers. According to the L. A. Times blog they have sold 1 million phones in the first 45 days of availability. My favorite of the phones, because it has a keyboard, is the Epic 4G which is being carried by Sprint. 4G (if it’s in your area) and a keyboard are an unbeatable combination.

The article also has a pointer to a great chart that compares the features and prices of all 4 Galaxy S phones: the Epic 4G, Fascinate, Vibrant and Captivate.

Update: just noticed that our sister blog, Gadgetell, has a review of the Epic 4G.


  1. I have the T-Mobile Vibrant, and I’m really loving it. While I have read complaints from some that have trouble reading for long periods of time with the non-standard pixels, I have not had any issues. In other words, check out the screen for yourself (with a few different color combinations for the text/background colors) before deciding to buy it as a primary reader.

    I purchased it without a data plan (thank you, T-Mobile) so I’m leaving it on 2G (3G is a battery killer) with WiFi on, and I easily get 3 or 4 days of use before I must charge it.

    My biggest complaint has been the sad state of eReading software for the Kindle.

    Aldiko and FBReaderJ are buggy and often fail to display the book. Aldiko is also really slow, but it has a few nice features that make me want to like it.

    nook is gorgeous, but you can’t bookmark/annotate your own content and it forces a 2-3 second delay every time you switch back to your book.

    Kindle is very functional, but it doesn’t include annotation, the ability to search, or an overlay table of contents.

    It really makes me miss Stanza…

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