Books Rock My World ( is “a community of people who come together on Facebook to share their love for literature. Run by admins who collaborate from all over the world to bring their passion for reading to the group, Books Rock My World features book-related images, discussion and trivia.”

They are rightly very pro-reading:


They very much defend the status of books versus other media:

And just occasionally, they are a little bit anti-ebook:

(And just for the record – and I probably speak for most of TeleRead here – I’m not anti-print. I’m anti-unthinking print book purism. I’m anti publishers and other institutions that use the traditional publishing system to their advantage and to authors’ and readers’ detriment. I’m anti selfish copyright beneficiaries who browbeat creatives into thinking that draconian copyright controls and heavy DRM work to protect their interests. I’m anti scaremongers who drum up moral panics over ebooks to boost their own public profile or circulation. I’m anti all forms of greed that dress up their self-interest as defense of enduring values.)

“If you love to read and want to connect with other readers from all around the globe, come and join us!” They hit 15,000 Likes in 2013. Why not join?


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