Here’s the Otterbox Commuter Case for the iPad. As usual, Otterbox comes up with something clever. The case is in two pieces. The piece on the right is a black, floppy silicone wrapper that fits around your iPad, encasing the back and sides almost completely. There are cutouts on the top for the earphone and on the side for the orientation lock. The top button and the volume buttons are handled with raised bumpers which work perfectly.


The there are two major cutouts on the back. The first is for the Apple logo, and the second is the large cutout you see at the bottom. Look at the plastic sleeve on the left, that fits around the silicone one. It ain’t easy to get it on, by the way, as it takes quite a bit of fiddling. In the center you can see the round cutout for the logo. This is covered with a transparent sheet, so nothing is getting through there. At the bottom you can see the sliding piece, which you remove to get to the docking connector. The iPad will fit into the dock just fine when the whole thing is assembled. Here’s an image of the assembled unit in the dock.


In addition to those pieces, the Commuter comes with a full size screen protector to place over the screen. I did not try installing it as I don’t have any need. The whole thing weighs 6.5 oz so it doesn’t add a lot of weight to your iPad, and it is not very thick so the iPad is still easy to hold. Note, however, that it is not waterproof, but it will protect from splashes and dust as all the openings are covered, except for the speaker openings at the bottom and the orientation lock on the side.

Another good unit, as always from Otterbox. It lists for $64.95 and you can find it here.


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