car chargerThe folks at Inateck have sent me another device, a 2 port car charger with an Apple Certified Lighting Connector. With this device, you can charge one iDevice and two other devices all at the same time. The package comes with a micro USB cable as well, so out of the box you can charge two devices, and I’m sure you have spare cables aplenty around your home or office.

This is going to come in very handy in a few weeks when we leave for a road trip to Florida. There will be three of us, so we should be in good shape as each of us can charge one device.

I tested it last night on a short trip to a restaurant. My husband charged his iPhone, using the included Lightning Connector while I charged my Kindle Paperwhite using the other included cable. After the round trip (about 20 minutes each way), my husband’s phone had gone from about 1/3 to 3/4, and my Paperwhite got a good boost. (It’s battery indicator is hard to judge.)

The device glows a nice blue when it’s plugged in, so you know it’s working, and it’s easy to find in the dark. Both cables come with attached cable ties, so they won’t make the inside of your car look messy. The device slotted easily into my car’s power connector.

The included cords were plenty long enough to extend from my power port to the cup holders between my seat. They would be long enough to reach to a dash mount as well.

There’s not much to say about a car charger, but I like this one, and I’m sure it will see lots of use.


  1. Perfect timing. I’m planning a long trip late this summer and was looking for a better charger. I have an iPhone and iPod and I can only charge one at a time on my current car charger as it doesn’t seem to have enough uumph to handle both. This will handle my iToys and my Kindle if need be. Perfect.

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