100_5197While I was engaging in a paroxysm of Amazon ordering activity for holiday presents, I happened to notice one of Amazon’s bargain deals was for an iPad case—the “Acase Premium Series Leather Slimline Carrying Case for Apple iPad 3G tablet/Wifi model 16GB, 32GB, 64GB (Black)”. A few weeks ago, when I met a fellow iPad user in a local coffeehouse and he told me how much of a difference a good iPad case made, I was skeptical. But after having this one for a few days, I am starting to believe him.

This case is nothing particularly fancy. It doesn’t turn into a stand, or contain a keyboard, or promise to protect the iPad from dropping it off a roof, or anything like that. It’s just a simple leather folder with a lip on one side and two elastic bands on the other to hold the device in place, a soft leather interior to protect against scratches and make it comfortable on your lap, and an elastic loop that goes around the end to hold it either open or closed. Its greatest defining feature, and the reason I originally bought it, is that it is inexpensive. But it really is amazing how much of a difference it makes.

The important thing about having a case, I find, is that it gives you a better grip on the device—suddenly its heavy weight seems less awkward in the hand. The leather interior provides friction that the metal case lacked, and is also a lot more comfortable on bare skin when doing my morning Reeder-in-bed trawl. It also prevents the iPad from sliding about when I have it on my bed next to my pillow for bedtime listening. And it seems reasonably well-made considering the price I paid for it.

If you’ve been hesitant about getting an iPad case because you just didn’t want to spend more money after buying a $500 device, perhaps the best thing about this particular case is the price. Amazon lists it as having a $39.99 suggested retail price, but its vendors have it marked down to $11.94 shipped from Amazon (and hence eligible for free shipping with Amazon Prime or a greater-than-$25 purchase) or a total of $11.96 shipped from third-party vendors.


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