iPad 5It’s been awhile since we last heard a quasi-believable next-gen iPad story, but it shouldn’t be long now until we get something conclusive. That’s because several sources claim a new full-sized iPad is closing in on its release, with the official unveiling rumored to happen by the end of this month.

But is that possible? We’d be inclined to say no, because, again, there have been far too few iPad 5 rumors lately and Apple is usually very skilled at building hype months before an actual release.

Then again, with the third-gen iPad released in March 2012 and the fourth-generation back in November of last year, something tells us that an announcement of some kind is in fact just around the corner.

The question that arises now is this: What will the iPad 5 look like?

iPhone 5Credible sources are telling us it’s going to be spectacular, and entirely different from last year’s iPads, design-wise, which also makes sense. It should naturally run iOS 7, sport a 9.7-inch Retina display and possibly pack a new A7X chip, as well as up to 128 GB of on-board storage, but we won’t go any further than that in the speculation game.

As far as the next iPhone(s), the latest word around the street is that production will begin this quarter, with releases schedulde for Q3. There should be two new models unveiled, one high-end and one possibly mid-range, with the official market names still kept under wraps. Who’s excited?


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