The Read an E-Book Week website for 2012 is loading up on promotions and giveaways for the March 4-10 week (and a few that will cover the entire month of March, in honor of the proclamation of Read an E-Book Month in Canada).

15 authors are offering free giveaways at the moment, and over 20 ebook publishers are also supplying promotions.  The list of participants come from Canada, the U.S., the Philippines, Argentina, Italy, Australia, Poland and Hungary.  And at present, there are contests to give away as many as five ebook reading devices.

Rita Toews would like to remind everyone of one of the greatest promotional ideas for ebooks: A few years back, an ebook fan set himself up at a local coffee shop, with a group of devices at his table, and a sign that read, “Ask me about ebooks.”  In just a few hours, he had a lot of people stop by his table and ask questions, and he provided great information about readers, formats, availability of books, DRM and pricing.  Since then others have tried the same thing with equally-impressive results.  Rita urges anyone who’s interested to try this out in your local area, and see how much you can advance the cause of ebooks.

And this year, I am throwing my hat into Rita’s ring in this way: For the entire month of March, I invite anyone who thinks they know ten people who would like my books, to send me their email addresses to be included in the mailing list for my e-newsletter, sent out every month or so. (Please ask for their permission, if you’re not sure they want their emails disseminated.  Recipients can opt-out of future newsletters if desired.)  For every ten new emails sent to me, you can choose any ebook in my catalog (specify book and format, of course) and you’ll get it for free.  Send your list and book selection to

We’re looking forward to a great Read an E-Book week and month this year!


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