Radius bookshelfPorter Anderson has penned a long article in Publishing Perspectives which highlights the launch of Radius Book Group – offering, according to the headline, “International Self-Publishing for Those Who Would Rather Not.” The company’s own website states that it: “offers authors of tomorrow the chance to bring their books to market in an entrepreneurial and professional manner. Authors work with veterans from New York publishing houses as well as innovative marketers who think outside the box.”

Radius appears at first glance to present itself as a self-publishing support operation, offering the kind of editorial and other services that many purveyors, from true and trusted honest professionals to Authors Unlimited scam houses, are now providing to would-be authors. However, it’s evident from the outline of services that the Radius offering goes rather deeper. It includes, for example, “Ghostwriting.” It also includes “Creation and coordination of bonus content,” as well as extensive other marketing services.

Radius apparently has a pedigree out of New York’s Waxman Leavell Literary Agency. If it interests you, you can find out far more in Porter Anderson’s extended semi-interview with Fiona Hallowell, who will be heading up the operation and aiming “to take the lone ‘self’ out of ‘self-publishing’.”

For aspiring authors who believe that the New York publishing culture outlined in Whit Stillman’s The Last Days of Disco is still the last word in access to literary fame and fortune, Radius is probably just the group for you. David Gaughran’s tart tweet on the topic, however, is reproduced below…

David Gaughran Radius tweet



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