120710-blankbook.jpgRarely, you’ll buy a book from the Kindle Store and it won’t download immediately to your device. Instead, the title will appear in your archive but it will be greyed out, with no option to complete the download. That’s what happened to a customer in the Amazon Discussion Forum, and there were a couple of bits of advice provided by other customers.

The first thing to do is make sure your device’s wireless feature is turned on, and you’re in an area where you’ve got wireless connectivity.

If you’re good on both of those, and you have the luxury of time, you might want to wait a half hour or so to see if the bottleneck is somewhere further upstream.

Failing that, the next step is to simply restart your Kindle. On a Kindle 3, press the Menu button and go into Settings, then press the Menu button again and select Restart.

If nothing works, here’s Amazon’s Kindle Support page.

(Photo: Jo Naylor)

Via Chris Walters’ Booksprung blog.


  1. Thanks for the advice! My eBook was just sitting ‘grayed out’ in the archive section of my Kindle and never downloaded, even after a day. Doing your “restart” suggestion solved the problem! Thanks a million!!!

  2. Thanks for the info! My Kindle was showing three bars on wifi but when I went to restart from the settings menu it said I was not actually connected wirelessly. I don’t know why it would show three bars if the connection was not there but I was able to log on to my wireless and the download was completed in seconds. Sadly, the amazon site had no info to help me so I am grateful that googling came up with your tip!

  3. Great advice! It appeared as though I had an active wifi connection, however that turned out to be incorrect. After going into the settings and establishing the wifi connection, the book then downloaded immediately. Thanks for a very simple fix!

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