The Financial Times seems to think the time is now for its employees to be using tablets. PaidContent reports that the company is offering a £300 or $480 rebate to its 1,800 staff against purchase of an iPad or other tablet. Employees who already have a tablet will also receive the rebate.

The Dell Inspiron Duo, that 10.1” netbook that has a revolving screen for use as a tablet, will be available for pre-order soon and start shipping in December. The base model will start at $549 (£449). Engadget has a brief review of the specs and a short hands-on video.

I’ve mentioned Virgin Mobile’s pay-as-you-go MiFi plan a few times as a way of retrofitting Kindle-style 3G anywhere-downloading capability to any and all of your wireless devices at once. Its plans to date were either $40 for a month of unlimited service or $10 for ten days of 100 megabytes.

However, now Virgin has introduced an “in-between” plan: $20 for a 1GB data limit in one month. If you didn’t mess around with bulky multimedia, you could download a lot of e-books in 1 GB. And since it’s month-to-month contract-free, you can raise or lower your commitment at any time, or even skip months altogether. The $20 plan only seems to be available through Wal*Mart or for now. (Found via Gadgetell.)


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