Amazon has released a Kindle Reader for Mac OS X desktop (Intel-based, running 10.5 and above). It can be downloaded here. According to the articles, it is pretty basic at the moment, but the press release states it will be adding additional features soon. Like the Windows version, the Mac Kindle Reader will download books from your Kindle library, and synchronize your place across all your Kindle platforms.

Like a number of other music vendors before it, Australian ISP BigPond is shutting down the DRM servers for the DRM-protected WMA files it used to sell (before switching entirely to MP3 in early 2009). It is advising customers to back up their music either by burning it to audio CD, or by copying the data files and keys to a backup storage device.

On The Digital Reader, Nate the Great reports that magazine database operator EBSCO has bought the NetLibrary e-book division from OCLC. NetLibrary has been shuffled around quite a bit over the last decade; at one point it owned eReader. EBSCO plans to integrate NetLibrary e-books into its EBSCOhost database, which already provides access to the full texts of various magazines and periodicals.


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