EnGadget notes that Fusion Garage has missed its latest projected ship date of “by the end of February” for the JooJoo (nee CrunchPad) and now claims it will have a shipping update “by the first week in March.” When asked about possible production delays, Fusion Garage responded, “No comment.”

Publishing Perspectives provides some clarification from a Nintendo executive on the rationale behind the 100 public domain e-books cartridge we reported on the other day.

“It’s not really about trying to take on the e-book market,” said Cammie Dunaway, Nintendo’s executive vp of sales and marketing for North America said in an interview with Bloomberg News. “It’s just one more way to enjoy your device.”

British site Campaign Live covers a speech by Alan Rusbridger, editor in chief of The Guardian, at which he said that the New York Times and Rupert Murdoch’s paywalls were “completely antithetical” to the open principles of the web. The print version of the Guardian is the 9th or 10th-largest paper in Britain, but thanks to its presence on the web:

"It’s now the second largest paper in the English language in the world and one of the eighth (sic) biggest suppliers of news content from newspapers in the world.

"And if the New York Times does go behind a paywall, it’s likely that the Guardian will end up as the biggest English-language newspaper on the way.”

Our fellow NAPCO-owned blog AppleTell has a very brief look at three free book-related iPhone apps: Audio Books, the New York Times app, and Amazon Mobile. Audio books in particular looks interesting; it connects to a library containing over 1,800 free audio books. I wonder if they come from LibriVox?

Tools of Change has a great four-minute interview clip of Kirk Biglione from Oxford Media Works in which he talks about the impact the iPad will have on publishing. He talks about the DRM versus standards situation, and compares the publishing industry’s situation to Microsoft’s failed “Plays For Sure” DRM initiative. See it on the TOC site, or embedded below the jump.


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