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Got an email from Richard Zehr:

This just in from a thread at MobileRead.com (http://www.mobileread.com/forums/showthread.php?t=136051)

If you enter a URL of the form mail.google.com into the Search function, it takes you to a very nice web browser, which also has some download function. It’s a much better browser than the K3.


  1. In what universe is something like a Web browser considered an Easter egg on a WiFi-enabled device?

    In addition to the report that it’s nicer than the K3’s browser — which is a fairly low hurdle to clear — there’s also the report that it’s buggy and downloaded items cannot be found when the device is connected to a computer via USB.

    The feature isn’t ready for prime time. And as pokey as Barnes seems to be in releasing firmware updates, I don’t have much faith that it’ll be ready for some time.

  2. More from the forum:

    There is a really good chance this is an artifact from it being android based. The browser has the usual android browser features and if you swipe down it brings up the address bar and options. Also when you go to search the button labeled “search” switches to “go” making me think it recognizes addresses as such.
    Looks like even though you can use the address bar it wont actually connect to addresses entered there. Just got onto my gmail account and everything works great.-Scratch that looks like any attempt to send mail crashes the browser.

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