quick note.pngAccording to our sister blog, Gamertell, Best Buy’s Black Friday circular has leaked and one of the items is the Nook, which will be selling for $100, instead of $150.

You can find more here.


EbookNewser is reporting that the long awaited iPad iOS 4.2 software update has been delayed till next week. Evidently there was a problem with the WiFi performance of the previous Gold Master and it had to be recalled for more tweaking.

I’ve been on tenterhooks waiting for it. I need multi-tasking.


  1. Not to pick too many nits but…

    Since Apple hasn’t actually announced a release date for this iOS release ( all we have are rumors from the usual dubious sources that is was going to be released today) it hasn’t actually been delayed. It just hasn’t been released yet. (!!)

    There are still 2 weeks left in November before it can be labelled “delayed”.

    Personally, having one of the iPads that is a bit finicky about wifi connections, since I bought it, I’m willing to be patient for them to get wifi working correctly. Finally.

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