Screen shot 2009-11-05 at 8.58.43 AM.pngAccording to the App Store the following are the updates included in 2.1:

Addition of bigger fonts and more font sizes on iPad

Easier and faster navigation between home and archived items on iPad

Search inside the book (presently for iPhone only)

Display download progress and percentage

Coming soon in the next release:

Instant word lookup on included dictionary with 250,000 entries and definitions

Look up words in Google and Wikipedia

Search inside the book on iPad


  1. Still no yellow text on black background. My iPad book purchases have largely shifted from Amazon to Barnes and Noble for this reason alone. I find the white text on black to be too harsh.

    Regards, Don

  2. Go to the iPhone settings page, “General”->”Accessibility” and change “Triple-Click Home” to “Toggle White on Black”. Then whenever you want to reverse the screen, just triple-click. Works in any app, including Kindle for iPhone.

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