Some sad news to report.

An info visionary and go-getter, Michael Hart, the founder of Project Gutenberg has passed away at the age of 64.

An obit has been posted on the Project Gutenberg web site.

History books that discuss publishing and information technology will need to devote a sizable amount space to Michael who began Project Gutenberg 40 years ago. That’s right, 40 years ago.

It’s one thing to have an idea, a belief,  but it’s something else to to be devoted to it and energetic about it 40 years later. Michael Hart was.

Here are two passages from obituary written by Greg Newby:

Editor’s Note: omitted because reprinted in full below

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It ends with a paragraph about Michael Hart.

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A 2005 interview with Michael Hart published by the Wall Street Journal


  1. It was very very sad to hear Michael Hart is no more !

    It says there is no free lunch in America but Michael Hart was a Exception 40 yrs ago.
    A great devotion to entire world’s book lovers.

    In Hindu Epic Mahabharat it is stated by Lord Krishna : “Karman neva Dhi karaste Ma Fale Shu Kadachan”

    Meaning : You should do only act without expecting any kind of fruit.

    Like wise Michael Hart acted ! and definitely living with us with his Immortal Site !

    — Adv. Kedar Chaware, India (MH)

  2. All done with volunteers, too. All done in the name of literacy. Michael Hart put the “public” in public domain. He has left a legacy that will continue on. PG ebooks were the first electronic books I ever read on a screen a long, long, time ago. And they are still with us. Thanks be to Michael S. Hart for all he did.

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