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From the Politico site:

POLITICO has taken its second step into the book business today with the launch of an online bookstore, in partnership with Random House, of political books curated by POLITICO’s editors.

POLITICO Bookshelf” will be operated by Random House featuring books on current events, politics, history and biography. A quick gander through its debut arrangement shows books ranging from Herman Cain’s campaign autobiography to Matt Taibbi’s “Griftopia.”

It also features a prominent opportunity to pre-order POLITICO’s first step into book publishing: the e-book “Playbook 2012: The Right Fights Back,” written by Mike Allen and Evan Thomas and edited by Random House’s Jon Meacham, due out on Nov. 30th on Random House Publishing Group.

The combination is a unique model for a news publication. Shoppers can browse or search for titles, and then purchase them through a selection of online retailers like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Politics and Prose and Apple’s iBookstore.

“We’re thrilled to be working with Random House to develop this new marketplace,” John Harris, POLITICO’s editor-in-chief, said in a statement. “By combining the great minds and writers in political journalism and publishing, we’re able to offer our readers a deeper read into the political subjects that interest them.”

Shoppers can also check in on what POLITICO reporters and editors are reading — right now, Allen’s reading Jeffrey Sachs – as well as a top ten list of bestsellers.

“Random House is committed to providing readers with more exposure to authors and titles,” said Madeline McIntosh, the president of digital, sales and operations at Random House, in a statement. “By partnering with an organization as popular and trusted in the political arena as POLITICO, we’re able to deliver book publishing’s best politically relevant content directly to interested readers and consumers.”


  1. I have finished writiting my book: “How to Repossess the Government and why we must” and am seeking a publisher interested in this subject. My delusions of granduer see the American People taking back their collective authority and realistically, Constitutionally and non violently taking back our authority from government out of control. Those wishing to share in my delusions of granduer can help me with getting my work published and stopping the decline of our nation and society. I am serious and have researched over six years to reach my conclusions.
    Tim Spencer (810) 893-2146

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