Welcome to TeleRead’s latest contributor, Len Edgerly, host of The Kindle Chronicles, one of my favorite podcasts. As an experiment, Len’s teaser for tonight’s show appears below. Got a guest suggestions for Len? Use our comments area. Meanwhile, so it’s clear, Len’s Oasis has not arrived yet. This video is of Len with a demo unit at Amazon’s unveiling of the e-reader. – D.R.

In tonight’s episode of The Kindle Chronicles (TKC) podcast I will continue my coverage of the Kindle Oasis, but from an international point of view.

Szymon Szott pro colorMy guest will be Szymon Szott, who follows e-book- and Amazon-related developments from Krakow, Poland, where he teaches at AGH University of Science and Technology. Szott is not planning to buy an Oasis, because he is quite satisfied with his Voyage, which he calls “hard to beat.” He does hope Amazon will soon go live with the Amazon.pl domain name that it owns but has not yet launched as a website serving the Polish market.

In TKC 403 I will also support TeleRead founder David Rothman’s case for an all-bold option for Kindles’ display of fonts in books or, even better, the ability to change the weight of fonts with a slider. A tweaking of TWIT and Leo Laporte is also on tap—I will take issue with Leo’s recent suggestion that the Oasis is part of “a category that’s dying.”

I won’t have an Oasis to talk about on tonight’s show. I ordered one minutes after they became available and obtained a delivery date of April 28th that was later pushed back to May 4. Fingers crossed, I hope to receive a review copy of the Oasis on Monday, in time to discuss it during a live Q&A at KBoards.com on Tuesday from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. ET.

For TKC 404 on April 29, my guest will be Forrester Research’s James McQuivey, to whom I frequently turn for insight into the strategic significance of new Amazon devices and initiatives.

I fell in love with the Kindle Oasis (see video) when I had the chance to hold one and read on it very briefly at an Amazon demo in New York City on April 7. The lightness, thinness, and enchanting ergonomics of the newest Kindle delighted my hand and my gadget-loving soul.

A tougher test will be when I hand an Oasis to my wife Darlene, who loves to read on her Paperwhite but isn’t anywhere near the tech enthusiast that I am. If her first impression on holding and reading the Oasis is some version of “wow,” I will become even more convinced that stronger-than-expected sales of the new Kindle are likely to continue for the rest of this year.


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