teletech-logo And now a personal note, to explain why I hadn’t posted anything the last few days prior to this, and some other stuff.

As I mentioned lately (and Snarkmarket noticed), this July ended a 16-month period of unemployment for me. I’m now working as a phone tech support representative for TeleTech, a multinational call center company that does customer service for a lot of major corporations. For instance, it was recently named Best Buy’s “Customer Care Vendor of the Year”.

I take technical support and troubleshooting calls from 2:30 to 11 p.m. Monday through Friday for a corporation whose name you would probably recognize—but though TeleTech’s social media policies allow me to admit I work for TeleTech (as long as I’m careful to make clear that I do not speak for TeleTech and my opinions do not represent those of TeleTech), they restrict me from saying who the client whose calls I take is.

It really irritates me, because despite this corporation’s embattled reputation, I’m really proud to be working for it (at one remove) and helping people. But the corporation apparently doesn’t want it bruited about that it outsources its phone support, out of concern it might make it look bad.

Even though I can’t say who it is, I’m not going to be covering or commenting on any stories about it or related entities (including TeleTech) here while I’m working for TeleTech, to avoid any possible conflict of interest.

I’ve been working on adjusting to the demands of suddenly having a 40-hour-a-week job (at strange hours—it’s kind of weird to know that if I wanted to take part in the local late-night scene, I could do so right after I get out of work!). As you can imagine, it does not leave as much time left over for blogging as being unemployed (though the pay is a lot better), and sometimes when I have other things to do (shopping, installing Windows 7 on my computer) my blogging time loses out. I’m going to be trying to catch up over the next few days, but this is why my posting can be a little irregular.

Anyway: on to more e-book stuff! I’ve been building up quite a backlog of starred articles in Google Reader over the last few days…


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